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Bicentennial Quarter From Uncirculated Set
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3 hours ago, Conder101 said:

Would have to get a 68 or higher to be worth TPG grading.

At great risk I removed from cellophane with gloves and handled coin by reeding only to snap these two two fine images.. Any chance for a high grade?? Looks so much better then the other coins in the uncirculated set. I don't see any nicks, dings or scratches on either side of the coin..



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Contrary to your comments I can see some minor grazes and a few small spots on the obv, its difficult to say form the photos if those are tone or not.   I suggest that you get in the habit of using the NGC coin explorer, with that tool you can see the population in each grade (always keep in mind that those are not totally accurate) as well as the recent auctions and the prices that these coins have been sold for.   You can also access the auction photos and compare your coin to those that have sold to see how it stacks up.   Its also very important to understand what the graders are looking for to reach those uber gem grades like MS68, yes the coin must be mostly clear of contact marks and abrasions, that is a given at those high grade levels.   But what is really important, and the most overlooked aspect of many in the hobby is the flash, the luster.   It has to be almost blinding, bursting off the surface of the fields, that is the big difference between a very nice clean coin that grades MS66 and one that makes an MS67 and above grade.

As to your question it looks to be a very nice coin certainly worth saving but I'm not entirely sure that its worth the cost of sending it in, but it might be worth the gamble.

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