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1961d dime (rpm?)
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Hey, hey, hey, all my knowledgeable friends! Hope everyone is having a spectacular day 🤗. I am really needing some input, you know, opinions, on this pretty little dime I found. 

I know I can't tell a Doubled Die from a strike doubling from a shelf on the wall, but this just really appears to be something. I am just not sure what. I have looked up the rpms on Variety Vista, and it seems like it could be the first since it is going north but my eyes see things a little differently sometimes, lol. 

So, what do I have here fellows? I know you know and I am anxious to know if my thoughts are correct. And I am gonna go ahead and apologize for my photography skills tonight. They are apparantly taking a break. I'm sorry and I will totally understand if you can't help me because they are crazy looking. 







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12 minutes ago, Sharann said:

Thank you so much, Mr. Bill347. I'm gonna look at them now. 

It really looks like this one, to me. My phone wouldn't allow me to load anymore right now but I will look at them asap. 👍


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Keep in mind that the coins pictured in the Collectors weekly and Treasurenet links are not confirmed re-punched mint marks. They are coins that have been posted  by the people who found them, and they are hoping to get information, just like you did with your coin. Also, the video that both mentioned, about a supposed one-of-a-kind unknown RPM, is on CoinOPP, which is a sensationalist video site that is designed to get lots of views, not provide accurate information. (My opinion.)

Your coin does not appear to be a re-punched mint mark to me. It looks like strike doubling.

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