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More celebrity signature labels please!

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I'm a Trekkie and I love the William Shatner labels, though I REALLY wish there was a Patrick Stewart signature label!

Can we please get more celebrity signature labels?

Not only do I think they are great, but I think they will help to bring more collectors to the coin collecting world.

There are a lot of Disney/Marvel coins, bring in some Marvel celebrities to do some limited edition signature labels.  I sure would love to have had a signature label on my Tuvalu Black Panther coin. :(


Just a thought from a newly interested old collector.  :)


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Even though I'm somewhat of a label enabler :devil: I'm not a fan of more labels, although I do see the attraction of them. A hand signed label/s probably makes the most sense to acquire, as opposed to a meaningless designation. 

9 hours ago, Artlicious said:

Ridley Scott should have signed some of those beautiful Alien coins.. just a thought. ;)

To Big Time, I'm thinking the Charlie Sheen autographed Two and a Half Men commemorative coin series is more likely. 

9 hours ago, Artlicious said:

Patrick Stewart signature label!

Do you have the Picard coin? If so I sense a convention in your future. Glad you're able to combine two things you enjoy into a single collecting interest. That's awesome! 

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