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What worth would you give it?

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After reading through a string of interesting posts about what to say and not to say, I hope I’m not offending anyone in asking! I am completely new to all of this and would hate to offend the wrong person. My son and I have picked up the hobby of going through coins as a way for us to bond. He is 13 and I am constantly looking for things for him and I to do together. The other night we found this 1969 quarter with a chunk out of it. There are ridges where the chunk is missing. I hope I’m calling them right! Ruffles? Ridges? Lines? Sorry for my ignorance. There are three images below. We look forward to hearing from anyone who knows anything about these kinds of coins and if we’ve found anything worth sending in!




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I think you're referring to the rim - the edge is reeded. The rim is raised and surrounds the design to help protect it from wear. It also facilitates stacking of coins.  In this case it was struck slightly off center. Very common. No value.

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So is off center where the rim is not showing at all, or one side of the quarters’ rim is smaller than the other? 


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40 minutes ago, Greenstang said:

Please start a new posting for each coin. It only causes confusion when there is more than one coin on a post.

Also to answer your question, both sides of the coin will have to be shown. ( This should be done in all cases)

Thank you for your time and responses. I’m going to assume that if it’s an off-center strike, it should be off-center on the front and back.

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