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Discoved these errors but not to sure what i have (Any and all opinions needed)

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Welcome to the forum!

The first thing members will request to give any advise is a clear picture of the front and back of the full coin. 

What are you thinking is the error? From the small portions in the pictures it looks like a highly circulated/damaged coin. I suspect whatever you are seeing is damage. But I could very well be missing what you are questioning. 

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Might be VAM 6, which is similar to this photo but without the small cud below 1. (Photo by Leroy Van Allen, courtesy VAMWorld.com) This is a repunched date on the obverse die.

VAM 6A.jpg

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The "O" mintmark is simply damaged. There is little premium for Morgan dollar varieties except for a few scarce ones and a few others in high grade. There are simply too few collectors for minor varieties to have much added value..

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1 hour ago, Chasona360 said:

I also have ran across a coin with a slight error i would think. Perhaps yall can help me with it.



Hello and welcome to the forum. You are going to want to post this question on its own thread. You will get more feedback. Looks like a capped die.

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