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Hi guys! Are these nickels have a higher value?

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The 42-P is part silver and is worth a little less than a silver dime, probably between $1-1.50. The others aren't special, though the 47 might fill a basic collecting spot if someone needed one.

Guamanian, eh? Did we ever mint coins specific to Guam, or the Marianas? I never saw any, but if there were, I'd definitely be on the lookout.

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On 11/16/2020 at 2:53 AM, JKK said:

Did we ever mint coins specific to Guam, or the Marianas?

No, but starting in the 1980's the Marianas Islands did start striking (or more correctly licensed with a private mint to strike) Non-Circulating Legal Tender (NCLT) coins for sale to collectors, usually at face value.  There were so many issues that the dropped in price to below their face value for awhile.  The cause a couple of enterprising people to buy up a bunch of them and then bring them to the Marianas for redemption.  They were promptly arrested and charged with fraud against the local government.  (The government only got part of the money from the sales and now they were being expected to redeem them at face value.  A losing proposition.)  Eventually the men were released, and the government put in place strict redemption rules which basically restricted you to being able to redeem no more than one coin per day, and there was a redemption fee assessed as well with pretty much consumed the entire redeemed value.  This pretty much made them Non-Circulating Non-Legal Tender.

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