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Looking for help identifying 1964 half dollar

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Let me start by saying I don't really know anything about coin collecting and am asking for a older, technically challenged relative.  I may not even be using the correct terminology so please bear with me.

He has a 1964 Kennedy half dollar which he feels was stamped on a 1965 clad planchet.  I was told the 64' silver planchet weighs 11.5grams and the 65' clad weighs 12.5grams.  I weighed the coin in question and it was 12.5grams.  To me that tells the story but he is convinced it is a mistake.  The edge of the coin looks copper(ish) and it could be discolored due to age.  I don't really know.    I wanted to check with the more experienced people of this site for their opinions.

Is the weight of the coin the bottom line to know if this is a mint error?  Or is there another way to tell? 

I've attached a couple of simple pictures that may help.

Thank you all very much!



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Welcome to the Forum-

I think the problem is that you have your weights reversed.

The 1964 90% Silver Kennedy should weigh 12.5 g

The 1965 Clad Kennedy should weigh 11.5 g

The weight of your 1964 at 12.5g is correct. The edge of the coin is probably toning, not uncommon on silver coins.

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