How come 1982 Lincoln Cents not allowed in sets

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7 minutes ago, James Pulley said:

My 1982 and 1982 D Lincoln Cents do not have slots available in any of the sets.  Can I find out the reason for that?


Please provide your certification numbers so we may research this?  Thank you.

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6 hours ago, James Pulley said:

1982 PCGS 21805487

1982D PCGS 30159766

Hello, James.

Thank you for the request. These coins are in your inventory, but you will need to EDIT your existing Lincoln cent set(s) to get them approved and then added.


This will put your PCGS coins in our administrative queue of coins to review and approve. These are processed in the order they are received. Your coins will show NO score until they are approved. You will receive an email when your coins have been added to your inventory.  You may also check the status of your Pending PCGS coins on Log into your account and click My Competitive Coins. Then click see See Pending Adds.

Please click here for directions: 


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