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1740 British Half Penny? or 1749?

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I purchased this 1740 British half penny recently.  When it arrived in taking a look I said that the "0" looks a lot like a "9"

Here is a 1740 https://www.ngccoin.com/price-guide/world/great-britain-1-2-penny-km-579.1-1740-1745-cuid-1155410-duid-1324527

but then I took a look at a 1730 https://www.ngccoin.com/price-guide/world/great-britain-1-2-penny-km-566-1729-1739-cuid-1151862-duid-1324792 and the "0" bleeds into looking like a "9" as well.

Here is a good picture of a 1749 https://www.ebay.com/itm/1749-NGC-AU-55-George-II-1-2-Penny-Great-Britain-Colonial-Copper-Coin-20091302C/392940558735

What do you experts think?



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In looking at pictures of different coins dated 1740 and 1749, I thought I had found a die marker that showed a clear difference between the two dates, but then I discovered that, apparently, more than one obverse die was used in 1740, so that idea went out the window. Still, I think all the others are right. Looks like a "9" to me.

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9 hours ago, Conder101 said:

Well considering it is GEORGIVS and not GEORGIUS it has to be 1749.  GEORGIUS was used 1740 to 1745, then the U was changed to V for 1746 to 1754.

You could see that under a … [wait for it] UV light.

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