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It pays to do some research

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Years ago I submitted a gold coin to NGC which unfortunately came back "Not Encapsulated, ineligible type". So I just left it in my collection an forgot about it

After reading articles about the coin (non gold version). I thought I would write to the Belgian Mint. Thy were very quick to reply and very helpful.

This is their response:

On the occasion of the disappearance of the Belgian franc, a series of silver or gold reproductions of the 24 most representative coins since the introduction of the Belgian franc in 1832 was launched. These replicas were produced by the Royal Mint of Belgium with new coin dies based on the original mother dies.

To distinguish them from the real coins, they were made in proof quality, with a smooth edge and struck in medal quality. In addition, the letter R ( from: replica) and the silver 925°/°° or gold 900°/°° mark were placed on the pieces.


The new coin dies were made by the famous German medallist - engraver Bodo Broschat. The replica - coin series was marketed under the name of 'The history of the Belgian Frank in gold and silver' by the firm Muntpost from Elst (Gelderland, the Netherlands).


Your coin is one of the 982 replica pieces struck in 2002. Belgique refers indeed to a French variety originally struck in 1953.





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On 7/2/2020 at 2:53 PM, RWB said:

Try that with the US Mint and you'll get a blank stare.


There are two kinds of blank stares at the US Mint. There’s the regular blank stare that all the employees seem to have as a requirement of employment, and then there’s the one of which you write here, the one that greets any question about anything that matters. 

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