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California Fractional Coins and Old Gold Coins

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I recently inherited a bracelet with these coins attached (they have since been removed from the bracelet, of course).  I would like to sell them but and not sure how to go about it (Heritage Auction? EBay? Some other option?).  I have no idea what they are worth but have no doubt that they are real.  They were on a gold charm bracelet from the 1910's.

Any information regarding approximately value and/or best way to sell them would be GREATLY appreciated.  Thank you very much.

Happy Easter to you and yours -

All the best,



$_57 (1).jpeg

IMG_2399 (1).jpg


IMG_2393 (1).jpg

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3 hours ago, Six Mile Rick said:

Worth melt value.

I agree with this for the quarter eagle and the 2 peso coins. The soldered jewelry mounts destroyed any numismatic premium.  The California gold, even with the holes, might go for more than melt, but not a lot more.  

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Thank you Six Mile Rick and CBC - I was afraid that would be the case but it helps to have confirmation from seasoned veterans.

As an aside to Six Mile, I grew up in Mount Pleasant...you are a "neighbor"!

Again, many thanks for your help on this - without your expertise I would have no idea what they are worth or what the best route for their disposition would be.

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15 hours ago, CBC said:

I guess we're all sort of neighbors - I grew up just outside of Summerville and worked near Clemson for years. 

Howdy neighbor! 

Would you guys mind giving me your opinion re: the value of these four coins at your convenience - thanks!  These were also part of the same estate.  Two 1849 gold dollars, one 1873 gold dollar and one 1925 2 1/2 dollar piece.  I apologize for the photo quality.

img (6).jpeg

img (7).jpeg

img (11).jpeg

img (12).jpeg

img (14).jpeg

img (15).jpeg

img (16).jpeg

img (17).jpeg

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If those coins are in holders that can be unscrewed  then take them out and see if they have been damaged. Many times these coins were cleaned or polished while on the bracelet. Go to the research link on your home page and click it and then go to united States Price guide.  If you are uncertain if they have been cleaned which is usually tricky then downgrade what  grade you think the coin might be. If you think uncirculated drop it to au.  Here is a link to help you on your way :)  https://www.ngccoin.com/price-guide/united-states/

The pictures aren't large enough for me so I just made some wild guesses as per grade. Your mileage may differ ;)

1849AU $350

1873 xf 275/clear  open 3 closed 3 more valuable

1925  au $345

get a redbook to help you discern open versus closed three.  Or google it   Good luck


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Thank you very much - these coins were my mother's.  They were my father's, he got them from his father and had them set in 10k removable bezels for her.  My mom knew they were valuable and never wore them.  Stored them in a safe deposit box.  To my knowledge they have never been cleaned.

My mother died recently and a trusted family friend/antique dealer/auctioneer familiar with coins (her words, not mine) sold the 1849 coins for $125 and $150 (with the 10k gold settings) in an online auction.  The 1873 coin she listed as an 1831 gold dollar (which doesn't even exist, as you would know) and it sold for $175.  The quarter eagle sold for $225.  I suspect that she bought them herself...she'd have been a fool not to have given that with her commission of 35% she could have basically bought them for less than melt value.  Regardless, after paying her, that's what we got out of it.  Basically melt value, not counting the value of the 10kt. mounts.

Unfortunately, after this happened, I began to get into coin collecting.  I have bought a few antique gold coins that are now being graded but am still a total newbie.  I know you shouldn't look in the rear view mirror but, knowing what I know now, I realize know that my family got "taken".  You can't go back, but I was very curious re: what you non-amateur/experts thought they were likely worth.  We only sold them through her/at auction because she was a friend of the family's who knew my mom.  She sold other items of my mother's and we wanted to make sure her efforts were worth her while so we threw in those knowing they were at least somewhat valuable and would provide her with a reasonable commission.  Bad call on our part.

Many thanks for your time and response - much appreciated!

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