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Kennedy satin proof?

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On 2/28/2020 at 7:52 AM, JKK said:

Whatever it is, if he keeps handling it that way, the surfaces will soon look less attractive and perhaps that way solve the problem. Edge handling is fine for circulated coins but it's almost impossible to handle uncs, pinching them so hard between fingers, without getting some skin oil on the surfaces.

If the pictures aren’t clear enough have you had a chance to watch the video? I think you can see that it has a satin finish, and a mirrored one simultaneously.

And as far as gloves your right, I should be wearing them to fit a coin of this caliber. Point taken.

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I don't watch videos and do not fundamentally have an opinion on your coin. 1964 Kennedys do not interest me in any condition. My sole purpose for posting was to point out that you were mishandling it. If you really thought it was something special, I was amazed that you'd have it with your finger flesh mooshed around the edges, damaging the specialness every time you did so. If you'd handled it with coin tongs, I wouldn't have had any reason to post.

You seem to have gotten the message, so my post succeeded. It's too late to help this coin, but maybe in the future you won't *spoon* up something really valuable thanks to what you learned, and that would be great.

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