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2003 Maine States Quarter Toning? Coloring Atmosphere Damage?

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Toning? Atmosphere Damage? Hello all, This is probably not an error coin, but wanted to run it past you all. I did find a war nickel that was very dark obverse, reverse and completely around edges. I believe that was a black beauty. Just like this coin either way and was wondering.

states quarter 2003 Maine obverse 1.jpg

states quarter 2003 Maine reverse 1.jpg

states quarter 2003 Maine reverse 2.jpg

states quarter 2003 Maine side 2.jpg

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Yeah, it's interesting - I've seen that really dark toning on several state and subsequent commemorative quarters, but not on prior clad quarters. The composition shifted from 3:1 Cu/Ni on the cladding to almost 92% copper; I suspect the increased copper at the surface of the coin creates that darker toning. I personally find it really unappealing and unfortunate as it ruins the detailed design.

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Let's go back to your first post for a minute and discuss the "Black Beauty." I don't have a whole lot of experience with these, nor have I done much research, but I seem to recall that they were nickels produced in the late 50's that were toned a gunmetal color all over. I have heard that it was caused by improperly annealed planchets, or improper mixing of the alloy. There may have been another explanation given, as well. Like I said, I haven't studied them much.

Your war nickel was made of a different alloy. The dark color that you see is likely from the silver content. Pretty much anything containing silver will tone/tarnish, from a silver coin to Great Aunt Martha's silverware.

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