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Coin forum, 1889 version

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9 hours ago, kbbpll said:

Browsing through old mint records can be fun. "I have this coin. It's perfect! How much is it worth? Where can I sell it?"

Such a familiar topic, from 120 years ago, it made me chuckle.


Human behavior does not change. 

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"Dear Mr Hitt,

First off, please do not attempt to clean your coin. This will significantly diminish its value, and will make some future collector very sad when they send it in to a grading service, and it is returned marked "details."

Since it impossible to determine the state of preservation or worth of your coin sight-unseen, please send a pencil rubbing of the coin. Or, if you can afford a daguerreotype, or one of George Eastman's recently introduced "Kodak" paper film cameras, you can send us a picture of the coin. (Both sides, please). We will be happy to respond in approximately three to four weeks.

In about 90 years, a product called the "Saflip" will be invented. Until then, we recommend wrapping your coin in parchment, and placing it in a safe place. And remember to only handle it by the edge.


The Mint"

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