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1914 D red wheat penny

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Can't tell anything from those photos.

Please crop and supply photos that are not out of focus. We have to be able to clearly see the detail on the coin to evaluate value .

The 1914 looks suspicious but can't say for sure without better photos of the date.

After examining your 1914D a little closer, I am pretty sure it is an altered coin. (A 1944D altered to look like a 1914D) but better pictures will verify this.

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Impossible to authenticate or grade looking at long range out of focus pictures, determining if the 14-D is authentic is the first step as it is a commonly faked date.  The 19-S looks VF ish for grade and worth $8 give or take.  As mentioned post some better pics and we'll be happy to help you further.

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I'm sorry but the better pics confirm that the 1914-D is not authentic it is an altered 1944-D.  The mintmark is in the wrong place and the gap between the 9 and 1 is too big, that space is where the down and cross bars section of the 4 of the 1944 date was removed.  The 1919-S looks ok and I will stand by earlier grade of VF30 or VF35 at best.  The Buffalo nickel grades VF20 the obverse is better but you grade a coin on its worst side and the rev is VF20, the color is just some paint or dye that got on the coin at some time.  Value is $2-$3 dollars not much but this is the most common S mint Buffalo nickel the mint produced.

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