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Should I send in the S enhanced reverse proof?

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I happened to get one during the sale and am curious if getting it slabbed or leaving it in mint packaging is better. From my research I'm leaning towards grading but would appreciate any input. I don't typically grade anything modern but I feel like this could be an exception.

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On 11/15/2019 at 3:20 PM, Matt_dac said:

I would get it graded because there will be higher demand for PF70 vs something else.  Those who get PF69 (or worse) will be disappointed. 

This argument could be used as the counterpoint as well.  

By not grading it you don't have to be the one that gets a 69 and disappointed.  By reselling it ungraded in original packaging you're essentially selling a lottery ticket to somebody willing to take that risk.  Your return should be somewhere in between the "disappointing" 69 and the full jackpot 70.

Just depends how risk averse you are.

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I too was lucky enough to get one of the S Enhanced Silver Eagles and was thinking of sending it in to get graded. I am Just a little Joe coin collector and learning.  What I have noticed is that about 80 to 85% of the W Enhanced Silver Eagles are coming back with a 70. They are going for around $150. I see the S going for much more then that even ungraded. If you got your to resale them you should  get graded and hope it is a 70. If you got it for your collection (like I Did) then rejoice and keep it in it OGP,  Some day if they go like the 95W maybe I will chane my mind.  But this is just my thinking.

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