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1949 very good condition wheat penny

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On 11/7/2019 at 7:27 AM, Greenstang said:

Welcome to the Forum

We are going to need to see a clear picture of both sides of the coin, especially seeing that there are only a couple of known 1949 Wheat cents.

 I have a 1949 Wheat :)



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Unfortunately not much additional value to that coin.  It's easily available in mint state condition and the reverse has a large scratch on it.  Intrinsically it's primarily copper.  1 copper penny contains
$0.01713 of copper as of the time of this post.


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1 hour ago, Greenstang said:

I must have had a brain cramp the day I made the post about the 1949 Wheaties.

It is the 1959 Wheatie that is rare.  Surprised no one corrected me on it.

If you do a google search for "1949 wheat penny" the top 5 results are from Etsy.  I'm going to hold your post yesterday personally responsible for this. :grin:


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4 hours ago, Dukemnm said:

¿Seriamente? el 1959 es raro? No sabía eso. Tengo unos pocos y al menos uno o dos en menta. 

Ola mi nombre es miriam disculpen kiero saber el balor de un centabo de trigo de 1939


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Us monedas-

You should really start your own post. It is not polite to piggyback onto someone elses.

As far as your question, it depends on the condition and the Mint Mark. Supply a photo of both sides and someone will help you.

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