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What is this token?

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Congratulations, you have a piece of Bryan Money!  During the 1896 Presidential campaign between William Jennings Bryan and William McKinley, a major issue was whether there should be free coinage of silver at the 16 to 1 ratio or to fix the country on the gold standard.  Bryan favored the 16 to 1 as this would have resulted in a devaluing of the dollar allowing debtors to pay off their debts with less valuable dollars.  As part of the campaign the McKinley camp/supporters issued various satirical tokens than made fun of Bryan and the 16 to 1 idea.  One common feature on many of these, not all, was the inscription UNITED SNAKES OF AMERICA (making the inference that Bryan was a "snake".)

Bryan Money is valuable (I would not be surprised if this piece was worth close to $100.) and there is a reference work on the subject.  Unfortunate the book is costly and seldom available and I do not have a copy of it.  There is an earlier much less complete work that is somewhat more available in reprint form, but alas I do not have it either.

But at least you know what it is even if I couldn't give you any more detailed information.  If you are or know someong who is a member of the ANA they most likely have the books in their library available for lending.

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