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I am a little disappointed in my recent purchase

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It is my fault, of course. I should have looked closely at the pictures provided by the seller, and I should have used my computer instead of my phone to view them. 

One of the lesser known areas of exonumia is Depression era "punch cards," which were issued to employees instead of cash or metal tokens, and were to be used in the company store. I found a set of  4 on the Bay, and won them at a good price. I never saw the creases in one of the cards, and the seller did not mention them. I would have bought the set regardless, but it would have been nice to have known about the creases beforehand, and not discover them when I opened the package. Again, I take full responsibility for not paying enough attention, but that doesn't really make it better.

First are the seller's pics, then mine. If you look closely at the $15 coupon in the seller's pics, you will see the crease in the middle and two faint ones on the left (looking at the obverse) side

The one in the center shows up well in my pic. (Despite its extreme blurriness)






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I have done this a few times myself. I am almost entirely limited to shopping online and it can be so easy to miss something like this. It is always disappointing, but it looks like you got some pretty neat additions to your collection. Thank you for sharing! 

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I've never seen those before, so I suppose they're not too common. Of course, I always see the OPA red's and blue's,along with the stamp booklets.

If you don't mind my asking, what are these things worth ?

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I have only seen pictures and descriptions of these cards in the past, and my MS token book only lists one - a $3.50 from a different town, named Dickerson. This is the first time I have seen any for sale. Since they were issued in Depression Era Mississippi, I can't imagine that many were saved. Money would have been much too tight to not spend them on food or other necessities. This rarity is probably the reason why they sold for so little: no one knew what they were. I got the set for $17.50 plus $3.50 shipping. Even if I had seen the creases beforehand, I would have been willing to pay more than that.

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