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NGC Registry Upgrades-Post feedback here!

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3 hours ago, Desert Gold said:

I have really enjoyed participating in the NGC US coin registry over the years.  NGC has made a lot of great changes to the registry over the years and I really appreciate your efforts.  Now that I am starting to participate in the world coin registry I would like to make the following suggestion.  In the rules for the competitive awards it states that:

Awards will be presented in the following major categories:

  • The TEN Best CLASSIC Sets: US or World Sets, 1792-1964

I can understand why NGC would want want to start the US sets at 1792, however, many world coins date back much earlier than this so it seems like a start date of 1600 or 1700 might be more appropriate.  Maybe this requirement could be restated as:

The TEN Best CLASSIC Sets: US (1792-1964) or World Sets (1600-1964)

I would be interested in hear what other people think about this suggestion.

Thanks for your consideration in this matter.

Thank you for the feedback, Desert Gold.

That date range really applies to the US sets. We do consider world sets earlier than that for a classic award. In fact, one of last year's winners for a BEST CLASSIC set was a Mexican 8 Reales set which runs from 1772-1789. 





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On 12/29/2018 at 8:34 AM, Mk123 said:

Ali, the new feature of using NGC pics, will this be available for custom registry sets? I really like the feature as some coins I don't have a pic, a NGC pic will be good enough.

Thank you for the feedback, Mk123.

The final formatting of the new NGC Registry Custom Set is still under consideration. Our team will take your suggestion into consideration. 

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On 12/31/2018 at 3:27 PM, Capone1929 said:

Ok so I bought this coin feeling it was a top pop as there were only 32 of this grade on NGC census of %5 of entire pop. and/or of this grade! Good buy, I felt so due to its bullion type coin and would have been treated as such so populations would have dropped significantly during the great depression, dust bowl, California gold rush, CC and NV, I will be paying my membership so that I may submitt some coins I think would be a wonderful marriage with an NGC slab, however this is how much faith I have in NGC this slab has done overtime but the coin is still in its MS64 state! Wow so what does the public have to say? NGC MS 64 # 1924648003 Thank you, Capone1929

Thank you for the post, Capone1929.

You may want to put your post elsewhere, under Ask NGC/NCS here:



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