1910-S Lincoln Cent: altered date

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It's a fuzzy photo, but what is visible looks good for a 1910-S cent. The style and positioning of the numerals are correct, and it seems to have the correct mintmark used for cents only during 1909-16.

As always, professional certification is the only to know for certain. In the mean time, here's a link to large photos of a real specimen. Be sure to click on it twice to see at maximum size:


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I actually had these photo’s of the 1910-S Lincoln Cent as well, which were taken at the same time as the other pictures. These 2 photo’s show the truncation of Lincolns shoulder where V.D.B. are in existence, but it seems like the forger tried to grind them away and placed other marks to distract. I circled the Designers initials at the truncation of Lincolns shoulder in black. I wasn’t sure if maybe what I am seeing are die scratches possibly. I am just really interested to hear other people’s opinions regarding what they think it is?

I appreciate it.

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