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  1. I just wish to say I have a liberty dollar 1923 s mint mark with the gold material on one side and severe die cracks aswell its been in the family for many man years and the story is it came from the mint that way, so any advise or knowledge would be very appreciated ! Thank you,.  Gerald Edwards

  2. Thank you all, also codition dont make it any easier lol, i have another from simular era, different, but I think more unique and an enigma as well that I would sure like imput on. Ill post pics soon. Thanks for all your time and help! Capone1929
  3. My 2019 S Silver Eagle ERP scored ER 69. Why???

  4. Thank you for your time, thank you for the reply, thank you for the knowlege as I learned a couple new things today, I appreciate it, Thank you, Have a Safe and Happy Holidays! Sincerely, Capone1929
  5. So it is an error a plateing error? Lamination error? Not an error?Possible Value? Thank you, I do appreciate the help, I will remember to start a new thread each time I have a question about a coin. Thank You, Capone1929
  6. Ok I stand corrected, should I redo it or do you know about this penny, Thanks
  7. Well this was a thread I started, the quarter above is mine so dont think im piggybacking anything, but I didnt know I should start one for each, I appologize for that, however you dont need to be so rude about it and be a jerk, Im a grown man that deserves respect not no little kid that needs scaulded, I simply didnt know, Thanks for the help!
  8. Hello all, I found this interesting 1984 d Lincoln Cent while coin roll hunting, I believe it is a gas bubble error/lamination error it also has flaking on the obverse and appears to have a double date and MM as well Appears to be offcenter with a slight rotation to the reverse! It is Red-R/B with complete pinwheels on both o/r of coin or almost full pinwheels and has luster! Major distortion and lots of bubbles on both o/r! Looks like the surface of the moon but is actually a really nice coin otherwise! What exactly type of error is this? Multi Error? Value? Any help would be appreciated, I appologize if I send too many pictures as I am only trying to give you a good view of the coin. Thank You, Sincerely, Capone1929
  9. Nice toning, Franklin Halfs have always been one of my favorites.
  10. Hello All! So Many Wonderful coins, on a blessed year! God bless rudolph, chris, and ***?*** Capone1929
  11. Hello all, so many beautiful coins, yes that is a spectacular example kbbpll!