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slab swap

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Revenue model?


Send me NGC ms65 xyz and I'll send you a PCGS ms65 xyz and charge you an X amount for the service. I would imagine the fee would be higher for NGC to PCGS as opposed to PCGS to NGC and I'm sure the fee would vary from one coin series to the other. At first glance seems like a lame idea but there are a lot of people who only collect labels and are only concerned about the registry so who knows might be a good idea.



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How much does it cost to cross a coin?


So swap broker charges a fee to Slab Holder A and to Slab Holder B

Let's pretend $5 each?


Slab Owner A has to ship Slab A to Swap Broker

Let's Pretend cost is $7 with insurance


Slab Owner B has to ship Slab B to Swap Broker

$7 again


Swap Broker has to ship Slab A to SlabOwner B



Swap Broker has to ship Slab B to SlabOwner A



Swap Broker has to spend time looking for Owners to match each other to create a client pool. Cost unknown.


Let's ignore the situation of when Slab Owner A hates his new coin and wants to return it but Slab Owner B is happy.


I LOVE this idea as an investment opportunity. Let me know when I can short it.

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The idea may have merit. An quick example only, If a sophisticated easy to use and understand computer program could be set up, and collectors could register their looking for and/or available list and be charged a fee when the match is made, it may work. The looking for/available info of the registered persons would not be disclosed until a match is made, and then the information would only be available to the persons matching, at which time the contact info would be disclosed. At the time of the match the matched collectors would both have to pay a fee, say $1-3 each before the contact info is released. Dealers would be required to pay an upfront fee of say $25.00 to register, in addition to the swap fee.


The site would be able to sell advertising, and a "hits" fee of sorts.


just a quick thought.


$Million companies have been created on much less, so who knows?

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I forgot one important aspect, the matched collectors would be responsible for their own mailing costs and proof of mailing.


There would be a "you have been a bad boy/girl" public knowledge list on the site when a collector/dealer doesn't follow thru on the deal, once the match has been made.

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