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What set is this coin from? posted by Eagles-R-it

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didn't know Silver Eagles came in two sets?


Two questions here. First the coin and it's label description. Were the eagles available in a mint set and 25th anniversary set in 2011. With all the back and forth about the PCGS no more. Can one buy stock in NGC? Is it on the Stock market?

Just me being silly I guess.

Happy holidays to everyone.

Recovering from my 3rd back surgery, doing ok.



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The burnished finish finally came back in 2011 with the 25th anniversary set. It was also available outside of the set, however.


This is how the NGC registry describes it. I know my sets that I sent in for grading didn't have the "Official US Mint Set" on the top. If my memory serves me the sets did have to be sent in unopened to be graded as a 25th Anniversary Set, but with the "W" being offered as separate coin from the mint I can't be sure.

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Yes that is correct, burnished eagles had the "W" mint mark, as for the 25th anniversary pedigree, box must be sealed.


The ones I had graded did not say "official US Mint" on the label, the 5 lines of text just started a couple years ago.


and yes, NGC is saying no more PCGS coins in there registry. Its a shame, but i knew it was coming. i wish NGC had stock to sell, I'd buy some. I don't think its available however. I'm betting in a couple years they will be back, or another company will develop a registry that will combine these 2 companies. Then the NGC and PCGS can live once again toeghter.





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Can one buy stock in NGC? Is it on the Stock market?

NGC is a privately held company. In theory you could buy stock in NGC but only directly from someone that is already a stockholder, it is not on any of the public exchanges. PCGS on the other hand is a public companyand they are listed as CLCT on the exchange.

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