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Show me your toned quarters!

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In light of trying to get this board back to the positive, coin viewing/learning/sharing experience it was so very recently, please post some beautifully toned quarters! I'll start this out with the four Washingtons in my toned type set. The clad Bicentennial is a new purchase. I am thrilled to be able to add a true rainbow to that slot.













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Very nice quarters everyone! I love all those FH SLQs. And that 1796 is obviously incredible.


Here are a couple more to keep this going:








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I love the Dansco toning on the clad quarters! The 68D is especially nice.


Here are some CBQs. There are not a lot of this with toning like more modern issues but I grab them when I can.









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What is the basis for your observation? The colors are very similar to the 1976 quarters at the beginning of this thread. The colors and progression look very natural to me, but they very well developed.

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Mostly the reverse. The combination of that pink and green doesn't look natural. It's just a little too perfectly even. The obverse looks off as well - those same two colors send up red flags to me. The silver 1976 I posted does have similar colors but they are tiny rings and the composition of the coin is different.

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This coin is clearly an outlier. To me, it's the same combination of colors as seen on your 1968-D and 1976 clad, and in a very similar pattern as on the 1976, just with wider ribbons of color. Clearly it is possible for a clad to Develope these colors. Maybe this one is just extra nice.


I'm very hard on AT coins, but this one really looks natural to me.

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