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End of 2016

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As we work our way toward the end of 2016, the polls have closed so to speak, for the Registry Awards. Good luck to everyone with their competitive sets!


I look back at my collecting year and it has been a good one. I pushed my Morgan Dollar collection over 25% complete and am down to my last 3 coins in my Jefferson Proof collection. I have recently added a few coins to my Type Set and am enjoying buying coins for it that are outside what I am normally collecting.


I am working on getting some of my cousins' kids into collecting. One has taken a liking to his Lincoln coin folder. Under the suggestion of one of you, I plan to give him one of my ungraded Morgan dollars in addition to a number of rolls of Lincolns to search through.


Another cousin and her sister enjoyed the proof sets that I sent them, so I am sending them another proof set each in addition to Sacagawea folders. Both of their grandparents' families are Native American, so I plan to help them with their Sacagawea sets, in addition to getting them an example of a Buffalo nickel and Indian Head cent. I'll also add a letter explaining what I have gotten them, since I probably won't be able to call them on Christmas.


In addition to my gains, I also have to laugh at my missteps. When we moved in January, part of our packing was throwing random things into bags and boxes. A lot of those bags and boxes ended up in the garage for about 7 months. Recently as we were organizing the garage, I looked in a back pack that contained about 4 or 5 Jefferson Nickels that I have purchased since we moved, thus making them duplicates. What can you do, right? :o)



What some of your successes or laughable moments from the year 2016?






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-100% finished my short set of Walkers in gem to superb gem grade.


-Added some add'l points to my already #1 complete Walker one per date set.


-Got all of the Denver and Philly coins needed for my middle date Walker set.


-Am now 89% complete with my Walker full set.


-Wrote some more journal entries here on the NGC website.


-Bought my dad a super frosty and clean 1880 CC Morgan in a MS 63 OGH. He loves CC Morgans! It was a thank you for all he has done for me through the years, also for getting me started in coins and just for being my dad.


-Gave some silver ASEs and AU Walkers to a few YNs. I loved seeing their eyes light up.....gave me as much (or more) joy as it gave them. I want to pay it forward and keep the future of the hobby alive.


I am going to continue to build my sets, read, research, learn, teach and participate, whenever and however I can.



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If I didn't know any better, I would say you like Walking Liberty halves. lol


Congratulations on finishing the sets. That is definitely a great experience. I also know what you mean when a YN sees something new or exciting for the first time. It is a ton of fun for me.

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Congrats to both of you in getting the young ones interested and sharing your passion for it.


Laughable -- I was in long conversation with a respected dealer regarding a coin. The conversation went on many days. I was basically telling him that his coin was considerably over priced and that it was a very common coin on top of it. We went back and forth and he defended his pricing and position.


After much discussion - I noticed something. At the time I was looking at many and searching for a particular 1/2 Sovereign. In the dealers title - all I saw was 1/2 and sovereign. The dealer was referring to the coins Pop. 1/2 on a full sovereign and not a 1/2 sovereign.


After realizing my mistake and eating some crow - I apologized for the debate. On top of it - I almost bought it just for taking up so much of his time.


As for duplicates - I bought a couple this year by mistake. Need any ...?

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