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Shame on NGC? by Johnathan

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I recently sent two of my coins in for error certification and was very disappointed with the way NGC graded them. The first received details grading ( was graded in an ICG holder originally wanted in a NGC holder) NGC certification #2692048-011. ICG had it as an MS68 (no detail grading although NGC gave it a detail grading). The second has a struck thru wire on liberty neck ( NGC didn't even acknowledge that it was struck thru even though had paid more for this certification) NGC certification #2692048-007. Take a look at the pictures on the NGC verification tool and give me feedback as to what you guys think. Should I send them in to PCGS to get the proper grading?



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I have had similar problems with NGC, and they have a terrible communication problem imho. I would demand they either pay to correct their mistakes or refund your money in ful, postage and insurance and their handling fees included. These corporations have grown too large for our own good and it is a terrible thing to be told a coin has a repair or other problem but they aren't specific. What's worse, I recently sent in a coin that I personally had a small jewelry loop removed from. They net-graded it as expected, but the label said 'plugged'. The coin was absolutley not plugged and doesn't show signs of being plugged. They also returned a 1794 half dollar in a body bag labeled 1795 with the added note 'illegible date'. How they could say my 1794 is a 1795 and then say the date is illegible is beyond comprehension, but then again, I'm from the old school where they still taught comprehension! Best of luck with it my friend...

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