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Coming Back to the Forum for More Help

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Hi, folks. I was here about a year ago about my father's collection. I only posted one thread, I do apologize (I also apologize to folks who messaged me and I never replied... I just opened a few). The post is here. Things got very hectic and stressful after that, and I never did go down to retrieve his coins from the box.


I went down and got them today. A good deal of them are missing (we assume he took them out while still home, but he was also "mentally deficient" at that point, so I don't know if he sold them for a song, hid them somewhere, whatever).


Question 1: Some of the cases are cracked. How do I move them to new cases (and should I) without harming the coins? I know you shouldn't handle them.


Questions 2: Would it be best to take these to a dealer, an auction house (my least favorite idea), or eBay them myself?


Question 3: I have a brown bag full of silver quarters that are basically worth what the silver is worth. What is the best way to sell those? Should I wait for prices to go up, or is the current market value about normal?


Question 4: I have a few that are not in cases and have been handled. What do I do with those? Are they still worth doing anything with, or should I just keep them for nostalgia reasons?


Now, for a fun one!


The heck is this?! lol






I will probably have more as I go through what I have, but these two were the most obvious head scratchers.


Thanks, everyone!





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your picture shows 2 rolls of steel cents. If in BU (brilliant uncirculated) as the sticker states they are worth maybe $1.50 each if you sold them individually on ebay. As a whole roll not nearly as much.

Go on ebay under coins and see what people are asking for them. Remember if you can buy it on ebay for a particular price it probably is worth about half that if trying to sell. It will at least give you a ball park figure.


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What do you mean by "cases are cracked" are these slabs such as PCGS or NGC or something else?


If the coins were slabbed by one of the reputable companies, they can be reholdered for a nominal fee.

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take the silver to a local dealer and dump it, but call around forst for quotes. Since spot flucuates, I always ask what percentage they take on the purchase, that is the best way to know who will pay what. The other coins would likely be better to sell on ebay. If you know anyone who knows someone in a local coin club, ask them if they can view yours and give advice. A lot of club member would be happy to help, that's why they're all there. And if you look on the left hand side on ebay where it allows you to refine your search, you'll see completed listings and sold listings, two different buttons. Click on sold listings to see what your items usually sell for, THAT is what they're worth- add up all the like prices, divide by the number of items, and that is the average sale price on ebay. I hear people saying coins are worth half of retail all the time but that isn't true in most cases. A coin is worth what people normally poay for them, just price it near the bottom of the price range and it will sell quickly IF it is a popular item and sells often. How do I know? I have sold about a half million dollars worth on ebay over the past three or four years so I know ebay. Good luck my friend, it's a jungle out there!


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by the way- ebay is an easy sale for bullion silver coins, I sold a couple hundred pounds out there, but keep in mind the outrageous fees. Silver is very high right now, sell!



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