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BU or slider?

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Since the best consensus on the coin cited was that it wasn't even Unc., the description in ebay was false; and there is usually a clear line between Unc. and AU though there are plenty of exceptions.


Someone selling many raw coins on ebay that graded significantly higher than the seller asserted? An extremely rare event from what I have seen whether online, at coin shows or in stores. Most auction companies require coins to be certified before sale, and sure people can cite exceptions to that rule but they represent a tiny statistical percentage.


Certification protects both buyers and sellers and anyone selling a collection involving tough, subtle characteristics, or across various hard to grade coins and denominations, owe it to those concerned to get the coins graded. With grading standards requiring a level of expertise and practice beyond the ken of most people, it behooves people even more to get coins certified.


You sound as if you are jumping to a conclusion that might be as "false" as you claim the Ebay description to be.


A consensus based on images is not necessarily accurate - I have seen a great many that are highly inaccurate - and it's absurd to use it to conclude that a listing description is "false".


And certification certainly doesn't always protect buyers and sellers. What about instances of over-grading or under-grading (gross or otherwise)? When that occurs, the party relying on the grading can be badly misled and buy/sell for way too much/little.

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It comes down to who stands behind a grade--a grading company, or in the case of CAC two grading companies--or a seller with a vested interest in moving product at maximum profit?

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