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WOW! Doesn't seem so fair now posted by walnutto

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I lost another 150 points today.


There was only three collectors it seems in the Presidential series that lost even more points today and yesterday. I lost another 150 points.


3328344-003 Slot Score Reduced* -79 6723 3/2/2016 9:07:02 AM

2009 D JAMES K. POLK MS68 only 2 exist A total of 6 points!


4060847-007 Slot Score Reduced* -88 6802 3/2/2016 9:03:41 AM

2008 P MARTIN VAN BUREN only 1 exist A total of 6 points!


2527871-006 Slot Score Reduced* -53 6890 3/1/2016 11:29:54 AM

2008 D JOHN QUINCY ADAMS only 18 exist A total of 6 points!


I am done with this fiasco!


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Hello, Walnutto.

Thanks for letting us know of the discrepancy. With the latest upload, three of your coins were inadvertently showing the score for BRILLIANT UNC coins. They are now reflecting the regular, appropriate scores. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you.

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Hmmmm.... If the coins are now "...reflecting the regular, appropriate scores..." does that make them proof-like points?


'Tiz a puzzlement.

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First off, sorry I haven't really been active on here much. I started doctoral studies in October and they take up a lot of time. Well......this is an excellent example of what can happen when people start collecting points more than they collect coins. The points are fun, no doubt, but when they become too important they can actually be a detriment to one's enjoyment of the hobby.


This is just an observation on my part about the modern side of the Registry here but I see two main types of collectors. The first collects moderns because they genuinely enjoy those coins. I see that all the time, they study the coins, send the coins off for grading for their own collections or to fund their own collecting and they don't really care what the points do. They still enjoy their coins, no matter what the points do.


Then there are those that I feel are "point collectors". They collect the moderns because for years they had these crazy numbers of Registry points attached to them. Then there's the allure of the 70 grades, which have even higher amounts of points attached to them. I see so much of this kind of collecting on the modern side of the house.


Now, NGC is attempting to remedy the point discrepancies on the modern side of the house. I can understand why they would do this. It's important to remember that while moderns can be fun and enjoyable, few of them are actually rare. Some issues, like the 1979 and 1981 Type 2 coins and the 1995-W Silver Eagle are always going to carry a premium pricewise and pointwise because there is a true level of absolute scarcity there. When there's only a few thousand of something ever made, it will always reflect that scarcity, as it properly should.


However, most US moderns lack absolute scarcity. Even in top grades, there's always the possibility of more top grade pieces emerging with the more common issues. I strongly feel that this is exactly the case with the Presidential dollars and NGC is starting to factor this in. The Registry needs to be fair to all involved, and coins need to carry the proper weight across the whole Registry. So NGC is trying to make that the case and it's going to upset some people as it clearly has for you and other point collectors.


This is exactly why point collecting isn't the best approach to collecting. If you collect coins you like and enjoy, the points won't matter as much to you when they're adjusted. However, if you collect points, these adjustments are devastating and they ruin your fun in the hobby. And I do practice what I preach. My main pursuit on here is a custom set that I just plug coins into sets out of curiosity. Many of the coins in my set don't have sets to score points in at all, but I don't care. I love my coins, points or no points.


I'm not trying to tell you how to collect walnutto, though it may seem that way. I really do not mean for it to. I'm just trying to give this thread some observations and thoughts from a completely different perspective. If I were in your shoes, I'd ask myself why I collected Presidential Dollars in the first place and then ask myself if I should continue or find a numismatic pursuit that might make me happier. Are you collecting the coins or the points? Just some thoughts.

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