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Changes in coin designs

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I am sure you are getting bored of the numerous posts about changing the designs of current circulation coins, but here is another post about the subject. Unlike most of the previous posts though, I want to talk about what the new designs should be.


I think that most of us agree that the presidents should go, but what to do then? I have heard suggestions about depicting historic events (i.e. Louis and Clark), but where have I seen that before? The Sacagawea Dollar! What do you think about the performance of the Sacagawea Dollar? Not very good, is it. Then look at the performance of the older designs, they did quite well. Therefore, I believe that we should try to recreate the beauty of the older designs.


When observing the older designs, I noticed that the older designs rarely depicted famous events, or presidents; despite the symbolism, most of the designs were quite pointless. I think it is time to revert back to the style of those designs. While it will be a change that will not be quickly accepted in this modern world, it is a much-needed change in my opinion.


What do you think?


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what do i think?????


well, thanks for asking!!


i personally like the history of my country; the beautiful and free United States

of America!!!! as far as presidents go they are a very imporant part of our

past, and i enjoy having them on the coinage and currency in my pocket!!!


lady liberty, the heraldic eagle, the presidents seal, olive branchs, the stars

and stripes, and many others ARE NOT POINTLESS!!!! to me.....


sure, maybe it is time for the mint to make a revised design.

change is sometimes good!!!


thats my opinion,




P.S. try, if you already havenot, to collect commemoratives!!

i think you will find a lot of what you like and or looking for!!!!

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It's an interesting question, and I would disagree strongly that any design either modern or classic is "pointless." I actually think that all of our coins are very meaningful in their design. Our early coinage really reflected our desire as a nation to grasp at those concepts that are so seldom grasped or understood, but so often twisted and distorted, Liberty, Freedom, Unity, Opportunity. Each idealized image of Liberty on these coins reflected the concept as seen through the eyes of people at the time. In the flowing hair designs I see a desire to move forward. In the more stately images I see a respect given a nation established and confident in its future. In the eagles you see similar patterns (though I'm not sure what the deal was with the scrawny early eagles), from the heraldic eagles reflecting our nation's strength, to the eagle at rest on the Peace dollar (an nation at rest from a weary war, yet watchful at the same time). The President designs reflect a desire to remember and honor our history, to recall those great leaders who fought to establish the nation, to those with the courage and determination to keep it free. Today, I would love to see all of America depicted on our coins. From the natural beauty of the mountains, lakes, plains, canyons, forests and oceans, to the man-made beauty of our cities and monuments, to the people that make this nation great, the industry that sustains us, and even still, those concepts of Liberty, Freedom, Unity and Opportunity that we as a people still struggle to grasp.

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