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Crack it out or put a label over the grade--Your thoughts

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Crack it out (and have it raw) or keep it in a holder and put a label on it--Your thoughts


I posted this on the PCGS board, as well.






Good day, all


As some of you know, I do not submit coins for opinions. However, as a dealer, coins ofter come to me in holders.


Currently, if I do not agree with the holder, I just put a label over the grade and put my opinion on the label.


Would you rather see coins with a label over the grade ( I always tell my customer the assigned grade, if they ask) or would you rather see them raw?


You may PM me or post. I very much appreciate your input.


Julian M. Leidman




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Can I assume that you are grading and pricing the coin higher than the assigned grade? I'm just assuming that if the coin were graded MS65 and you thought it were an MS64, you wouldn't price it at MS64 money? Is this correct?


Anyway, I would leave it as is. At the very least it proves that the coin can get into a slab which would be a selling point for some people.


However, if we are talking about scum graders like ACG, NTC, or PCI, then I would crack them out.

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Have to agree with Greg. If you are in such disagreement, then put a small label stating your own opinion, such that it does not obscure what the grading service thinks. If you really can't stand it, then crack it out and put the lowest grade on it that the coin may get - not simply your opinion (or send it in again for yourself). Then let the customer decide if they've found a good deal. After all, you say that coins sometimes come to you slabbed: I'm sure you don't pay over greysheet or bluesheet bid for them according to their insert.



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I have to tell you honestly that as a high-end and experienced collector who has walked many a bourse floor scouring through dealers' display cases, I was somewhat taken back and offended when I saw your slabs with the grades covered over with your own label. If I am buying a coin in a slab, I at least want to see how the grading company graded the coin.


For example, if you feel a PCGS MS65 coin is undergraded, I would suggest putting a label on the slab below the coin that says: "JL graded MS66" or something like that. I would respect your experienced eye and your grading opinion, and I would seriously consider the coin if I agreed with your assessment. But covering the slab grade over with your label is like covering my eyes just when the movie gets to the lurid part, instead of explaining to me why it's immoral !! It is as if you are treating the collectors like children.


Anyway, just my humble opinion. OK, not really humble. grin.gif




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I've also seen the labels covering the grades at Julian's table... The labels didn't bother me one bit. I did ask about the grades, but only because I wanted to see how far off they were from how I graded the coin.


Over the years, I find myself more in agreement with Julian's grading than not.




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