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WANTED: 1864 half eagle

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Hello fellow numismatists, collectors and dealers- I am an avid half eagle collector and need just one date to complete the entire date run from 1839-1908. Does anyone have an 1864 liberty half eagle for sale? Interested in hearing about anything, even if I have to buy a lower grade piece or one with minor problems, I would just like to fill that last hole in the date set sometime before I die. If you have one or have a line on one, please let me know.


Also, I still need a couple dozen issues to complete the whole set. For a list of coins I still need, please look up my registry set here on NGC- I do have all of the common issues even though they aren't listed in my registry, I just need to have them slabbed to include them, not a big priority. What I do need are the tougher issues that are blank in the registry and I'll consider any reasonable offer, raw or not. I do put one stipulation on any coin I buy- you must allow a return privilege for full refund if I do not like the coin or there are any problems that weren't described at the time of sale.


I am open to trades and I do have about fifty extras from upgrading so feel free to inquire if you think we can help each other out.


Thank you for any help you might offer!

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I know a guy who knows a guy that has a 1864 Half Eagle..... ;):grin:


that was dirty Tom, got my heart racing and hopes up and then I looked at your name. I have several dates you need by the way, still willing to give you the better end of the trade ;)


Good to hear from you ol' buddy, keep in touch!


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That's a tough coin to find, good luck doing so. Find a sharp dealer and get it on his want list.


HA has an 1865 $5 coming up at the ANA: http://www.collectorscorner.com/Products/Item.aspx?id=20886241


yep, have my eye on the 1865, along with ten other collectors, agents and dealers!


And I know the '64 is tough, that's why I resorted to asking out here. I bid on that AU that was in HA's auction a couple months back, just didn't have enough $$$ on hand at the time and had to drop out of the bidding at around $11K.


I'm a patient man, one will show up sooner or later at a price I can live with...

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