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Missing coins by amarillo

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Hi, on one of my competitive set's there are some coins missing. I wrote ask NGC about this error to see if they could correct this error to the correct number of coins. The answer I received was thanks for bringing this error to our attention, I am working on getting this corrected. It's been about two weeks and still not corrected. For a second time I ask NGC to correct this error, but I did not receive a answer this time. The error is still a error. I guess this error will never be corrected and My competitive set will be short the rest of it life. NGC answer to missing coins is taps. Don


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Give them some time. They have a limited amount of resources devoted to the Registry since it is not a profit maker for them, although it does drive interest in their products. They have glitches on a regular basis, but always get them fixed eventually.


They have lost descriptions on my coins before, but never the coins completely. Is it possible that someone else submitted your coins as their own and you missed the e-mails to approve releasing your coins? It would seem to me that is the most likely way they would have disappeared from your registry sets. If the e-mails inadvertently got directed to your spam or trash folders, you may never have seen them.


If you still own the coins, why not just re-enter them? It may be a headache, but it resolves your issue.





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Give them some time. They have a limited amount of resources devoted to the Registry since it is not a profit maker for them, although it does drive interest in their products.




with all respect, your explanation is contradicting itself. If they were smart, they'd add some new IT guys/gals and keep people as happy as possible.


As a long time businessman I can tell you with certainty that the registry sets are absolutely profit makers for NGC and PCGS- just think about demand and how little there would be for slabbed moderns for instance- no registry sets, no need for the slab, little extra interest.


It is the competitve nature of humans that drives them to do things they would otherwise not bother with. One example is personal computers- I used to build them custom for a living so our customers could come in with a list of parts he/she wanted in the machine and we would build them. Most average users would bring us a list based on what all their friends told them to get, and after asking how the mahine would be used, we would explain that they didn't need nearly the capacity and that it could be upgraded later anyway, so why waste the money. Many would understand and agree, but reply that they wanted one better than the friend who sent them, just so they could beat theirs! And there you have a short course in human psychology.


Sports is another great example- how much $$$ does the NBA, MLB or NFL bring in? If they didn't compete far and wide and promote their trade, there would be no popular reason for hometown pride in sports teams, and without the hometown pride, no sales of all those cheap chinese made trinkets and logo clothing.


Same here- people would buy the moderns and put them in the bank and forget them, and NGC and PCGS wouldn't make anything from them. With the registry sets, there is good reason to buy slabs because you can't enter a coin in the registry unless it is in a PCGS or NGC slab.


Want to look at it in numbers instead? PCGS and NGC make more $$$ from grading these modern mass produced 'coins' than the mint does selling them to the public. Food for thought.


That said, although I usually get excellent service from NGC, they still miss a reply now and then, and the system is in serious need of evaluation by a top-notch IT crew and much of it should be modernized in my professional opinion. My guess is all the patches over the years have clogged up the works and they are several years behind in hardware (servers). I have seen several different glitches in my registry sets and have had to have coins entered manually by NGC employees. They usually get it done very quickly so no rain on their parade, but the system is poor and the server is very slow for a modern professional setup like NGC's. I hope they spend some of their profits from slabbing on updating their system soon, it would be so much more enjoyable not to run into a problem once a week...

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Your coin is likely stuck in the overrun cache in your computer. (That's one of many buffers that give IT guys a headache because they are constantly overrunning and making a mess on the lab floor.) That happens sometimes because the slabs are not exactly the same size.


What will usually work is to 1) find your computer (hint: it's not the piece that has pretty pictures on it); 2) give it a gentle wack on the left side. I use a 20 lb iron hammer but some prefer something more robust.


This will usually take care of the problem -- and when your computer comes back from IT Hospice, your coin will probably be right where you expected it.


If course, I might be mistaken and maybe you should contact NGC first...or even before first...;)

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