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1795 Half dime, NGC VG details damaged, but LM-6 variety

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Hello, everyone. I know there are experts out there for virtually every subject, so may I offer a bit of a technical question on 1795 half dimes how rarity may determine value? Any help would be appreciated and I will try to post photos.


In brief, I'm turning 65 in October and since my son is not a collector, I am starting to break up my collection. A long treasured piece is my 1795 half dime, bought MANY years ago and submitted to NGC very recently...maybe a few years or so. It came back as VG details/damaged...I would give it a VG 10 details when compared with ANA guide and PCGS online grading guide. I think it is because of a nick at 11:00 on the obverse...but I don't know how to set a reasonable estimate for selling this piece on E-Bay. LM-6 is a rare variety and the PCGS site states that only 20 are known to exist in any grade with a rarity factor of 9.1 out of 10. Does this influence collector demand and subsequently value. Are there many half dime variety collectors out there?


OK...let's see if I remember how to post photos, and thanks so much for your thoughts! Alan in MA (Musiccoins)



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Heritage is your friend!




A coin like this might do better in a reputable auction. If you don't have enough to send to Heritage, try Great Collections, or one of the other major auction houses.

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Hello, Physics-fan3.14. As always, you never cease to amaze me. I looked on the Heritage site and could not find the LM-6 variety pieces. I guess I have to spend some time refining my searching skills on Heritage.


Thanks very much for the information and guidance. This gives me an idea of how to offer my coin when it comes to "sell" time...which is already in process with some of my less favored coins. I LIKE this one though...but at 65 years and no collectors in the family...maybe it's time to lighten the load.


You're terrific, Physics.....and thanks!!


Alan in Massachusetts (Music Al)

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Alan, you would get more responses in the US Coin forum - this is the World and Ancient Coin forum


That is very cool - what damage types can you see?


planchet defect, pitting, pin , bent, corrosion.....?

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