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My Weekend With Coins

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How are you spending your weekend, numismatically speaking?


I was off this weekend, so after doing some errand running with my wife, I sat down to edit some photos of my recent acquisitions. I took the photos last week, but I haven't had a chance to edit until now. My realization is that as much as I love collecting coins, I'm not a big fan of editing those photos. lol The sad realization is that I have another stack of coins that needs to be photographed. Sigh...


I just edited a couple of Presidential Dollars and it got me to thinking. The program ends next year; I think some would say thankfully. I have enjoyed seeing particular presidents come out and I look forward to next year's set, because it includes the Commander In Chief when I was born: Jimmy Carter. (Who was in charge when you were born?)


In addition, we are coming up on an interesting paradox next year. There are two pieces of legislation that are about to clash. The first is the legislation that authorizes Ronald Reagan to be the last presidential dollar instead of Gerald Ford. The second piece of legislation states that no living person can appear on a coin. Nancy Reagan is still alive and will appear on the First Spouse gold coin.


As this program draws to a close, what are your thoughts on it?





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I say blow em out dead or alive and complete the run. There have always been living obverses for other countries and these sets need to find the end of their dead end street :)


President Dollars, Sac Dollars, Presidents wives COMPLETE!!


Maybe when they get to Obama -- It will be the Obama Care Dollar ---- lol


Looking forward to better numis art pieces replacing them :grin:



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How about the Richard "I am not a crook"ed coin? lol


I agree with you. I think since the program ends next year, run it through Obama and make a clean break. End of program. Then they don't have to worry about it when Carter and George H.W. Bush pass.


I would like to see them do something with the $2 bill. It would be a larger and better to work with canvas than a coin.

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