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Newby with some questions

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The other night working on the heater I found a glass skippy jar full of old coins. Nothing super special but a good number of 64 and older Washington Quarters and Roosevelt and Mercury dimes with a couple Morgan dollars and some others mixed in. These are not mint examples by any means but generally look ok. Previously I had only collected bicentennial quarters and half dollars more for novelty.


Using the internet I found a few sites that listed what to be on the look out for and I don't think I have anything real unique but they are all worth a few bucks and seem to get a few bucks a piece on ebay. One of the sites I browsed http://coins.ha.com/ref/beginners-price-guide.zx


I have a scanner and was going to sell off my doubles first on ebay. Maybe one at a time for some profit and fun. While I have shipped collectable miniatures across the country, what is the proper way of packaging coins? Can I just use a few staples to trap them in some paper and put them in an envelope? I read quite the controversy surrounding zip lock style bags.


What else am I not thinking of that I need to?


Thanks in advance guys.

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I usually put single raw coins in 2x2's. Then I put a little bubble wrap around that and then put them in a bubble envelope. The coins may not be very expensive but good packing shows that you are a caring seller.

Welcome to the forum!!

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First, welcome to the neighborhood!


Bobby's suggestion is probably the easiest.


I don't know what controversy you've encountered about Zip-Lok bags, but if it has to do with PVC contamination, you can rest easy. Food storage bags do not contain PVC. Even if they did, the brief time a coin would be in one during shipping is most likely not long enough to damage it.



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Welcome to the boards. I've received coins in many different forms when buying via eBay.


I agree with Bobby. Take care to put them in 2x2's or safe flips and send them in a bubble envelope. Your buyers will appreciate it.


When I leave feedback for sellers, I'll comment on the packaging. Sounds trivial, but if I know the seller cares, I'll be more likely to re-purchase.



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