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I'm at it AGAIN!! posted by Six Mile Rick

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Another BLINDING task




I recently acquired around $2500 in mint rolls of coins from Jackson. Quite a few rolls and plenty of searching. The great point in this search is the dates were mostly 2005 to 2010.


With the Sacs, Presidents, Kennedy halves, and State Quarters completed I am down to Nickels and Lincolns. There will be some nice business strikes added to my sets this winter for sure!! With the coins I acquired over the past 2 years added to the new lot I should have most dates covered to complete 1999 to 2012.


Many coins are just beaming with luster, great strikes and no contact marks. Some of these rolls are a killer on the eyes and I need a break after searching a roll or two with deep mirrors facing the 80 watt incandescent bulb for 10 or 15 minutes strait.


It will be a hard choice as to which type of coins to submit first. I have saved many nice picks from mint sets 1965 to date and many rolls so the submission box has a large load of everything business strike as well as SMS 2005 to 2010 pieces.


Winter is close at hand and that means some really great coin shows!!




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Nice pickup Rick! I also made a deal with Jackson, however it was for only one coin. I believe you and I talked about this coin when we were doing a little horse trading between ourselves. BTW, I sent those other coins to Great Collections with mixed results.



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Can't afford those so I sure enjoyed the great pic! :headbang:


I hope Great Collections did you well. It is not just the auction company you choose BUT the timing that you choose

is very important as well. You want to sell when the larger collector base is shopping!! :)


The time of GREAT COIN SHOWS produces GREAT SALES!!!


Later Bud---Rick

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WOW! What a nice find and addition. I too have been burning the midnight oil. I have been hitting at least two coin shows a month and scouring many states for my current quests, modern day roman numerals, and the 1988 $50 MS70. There just aren't any around. It is a labor of love, and by the time I finish my inventory changes, update my registry, drag coins to and from the bank, I feel like I've been on the redeye for the weekend.

Keep sluggin' and sifting, you'll find your dream.

I just sent off 11 coins today for one biggie to be named when it arrives. I'm not sure if I will get the coin I am thinking I will, but if I do, it will be a real coup.

In any case, your resolve is to be lauded.

Capt. Brian

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