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Finally !! A Submission Grand Slam !! posted by Jackson

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If only they were my own coins...


One of my recent journals I chronicled of how I just was handed another large consignment, this time by a distant relative.


One of the first steps I took after inventorying everything was to pick out around 40 coins that had nice price jumps from 69 to 70 or were selling at a significant premium in slabs instead of being raw.


If I may take a moment and refresh some newer members here on my hard luck history of submissions. I'm the guy who sends in unopened mint sets of special edition ASE's or commems- and ALWAYS gets 69's when the pop shows 75% 70's. My most heartwrenching stories are of crackouts that were untouched but instead of a regrade for higher grade, I many times have gotten a bodybag or details grade for a coin previously slabbed--I could go on and on with these stories but I don't want to darken my euphoria.


You see, astoundingly, my recent submission got 23 perfect MS70 or PF70UCAM out of 41 coins !! Of course, every coin was still in its unopened original mint capsules, sent in with mint boxes and packaging..I didn't want to do any handling of these coins at all to place them in 2x2's and also wanted the handlers/graders to know for sure that these coins were as pristine and untouched as the day they left the mint.


Some highlights: the 1997 to 2007 $10 platinum proofs got 9 of 11 PF70's and the 2006 and 2007 regular mint state strikes both got MS70's..that's 11/13 70's for the platinum coins.


The gold $5 eagles got PF70's for 2003 to 2005 and PF69's for 2006 to 2008. The 2003, 04, 05 and 07W all got MS70 with the 06 W and )8 getting 69's.


I got a split on the 2008 gold buffalo $5 with the Pf at 70 and MS69.


Likewise I got a split on the Washington Commem $5 gold with the MS70 and PF69. The san fran mint commem $5 gold got a 70 as did the bald eagle gold commem.


The proof and MS silver buff $ commems both got 69's and the 5 1996 ASE's got me 3 69's and 2x 68's ( it was worth a shot since the 70's would have been a nice return for the grading costs but these coins were the only ones not in original packaging from the mint.)


The final coins were a mix of mostly PF69 ASE's with an occasional 70. I still have the full set of PF silver eagles from 1986 to 2001 that I may submit or sell as a set--not sure on this.


I can't wait to get the go ahead to sell these coins and be done with it but it has been fun regardless. I still got quite a charge from seeing the wonderful grading results even if I don't get to list them in the registry in sets of my own.


I did get one nice coin for myself recently to add/upgrade for a set. Here's a picture of a nice album toned 1907-O Barber Half Dollar in XF45.


PS: trying to keep the journals integrity intact and not use them as a selling forum so I have been writing in relation to the experience of being a collector and an occasional consignor. You see, there are 2 sides to letting people know that you are a coin collector. The down side--of course it is that you don't want word going around that you may have valuable things in your home, safe or even hidden away...but the upside is that when people come across some old coins they want to sell or a friend/family who has some, it gets the "well I know a guy who is really into coins and is very honest to deal with...."


Happy hunting and God bless



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PS: trying to keep the journals integrity intact and not use them as a selling forum so I have been writing in relation to the experience of being a collector and an occasional consignor.


My most sincere Thank You! Finally someone realizes or cares that there's a difference between the journals and the market place.

Continued success in your submissions.


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Hi Jackson,


Congrats, and really like that toned Barber. Suggest maybe a safe deposit box, I have two.. in

2 unaffiliated banks...20 miles apart...





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