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Editing Images

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Here is a question borne of ignorance.


I have taken digital images of both the obverse and reverse of several coins that I would like to disply here. Rather than have multiple sequential posts that show one side, then the other, I would like to put them together into a single post. If I just have MS Paint is this possible, or do I need to buy something that gives me this seemingly basic capability of pasting one image into another so that both can be viewed side-by-side in one image?

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Yes, Paint works just fine. I open up two different MS Paint windows, one for the Obverse and One for the reverse. Once I have them both sized the same I stretch out the window to the right of the obverse so that their is enough room to paste in the reverse. Then I go to the reverse and use select all, then copy. Go back to your window with the obverse and then, click in the window and select paste. It will paste the reverse over the top of the obverse, but you can still move that image so just drag it to the right and then line up the obverse and reverse and then do any cropping you might need to do. Then just save your new image. Here is an example of a coin image I created using the steps above. If you have further questions just pm me thumbsup2.gif



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I am familiar with a great software title, StudioLine Photo as I happen to work for the company. I happened to join the site as I want to start asking questions about some old coins I found. I cam across this question and realized I had an answer.


Our software is very easy to use and if you have any questions, you may direct them to me. The software, in a nutshell, is $49.00 and is perfect for editing, sharing, and archiving of images. PSP and Photoshop don't have the capability to manage photos, nor can they take images side by side intentionally with the ability to publish to the Internet, or locally.


Give it s try, a free version also exists.





- Peter

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