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Interesting Rhode Island Commem

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I have a Rhode Island (1936-D) commem that has several unusual features.


There are raised dots on both the obverse and reverse. They are most pronounced on the:

Obverse: Pilgrim, sun, below the Indians cape.

Reverse: The fields around the anchor. There also appears to be a fair amount of die polish lines around this area.


It looks like it was struck from a rusty die, but considering the small mintage of this coin, I would think that this would be highly unlikely.


Also, the reverse rim is concave from 7PM-12PM, but normal everywhere else.


Is this normal? Any idea of the causes?

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a small number of the rhode island commem coins were struck from rusty dies and extremely poor quality control at the mint! this is one of them a classic case!


i would guesstimate less than 10% of the overall mintage is like this!


they really should have not been allowed to leave the mint! this does overall effect the grade! in my opinion!! these coins rarely if ever grade above 64! in my opinion nothing special about these coins besides being gross


but i guess only time will tell


but currently in the early commen community they are not as well received and valued less!!! then their well struck brother coins!


sincerely michael

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Hey michael, thanks for that bit of information. I did not know that. Interesting. Also, I never got a chance to congratulate you on the three beautiful coins that you recently got back from NGC. Very, very nice. Couldn't happen to a better person.



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Can you get a good pic of this coin?


I'll hook up my Intel QX3 microscope and take some pictures. However, I'm going out of town on a mini vacation tomorrow and I'll be gone a week. There is just no way I can get the pictures done before I get back.

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Thanks Greg, I'll look forwar to the pic when you can take it.


And yes, thank you Michael for the great tidbit of information! smile.gif



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thanks clankeye i really appreciate your domments and it is always a pleasure to see you on here as you always have something positive and constructive to say! i have learend much from you!


likewise to hoot! hoot i really loove these boards as if i have a question i can gewt almost an instant professional answer! and hoot i got all of what you said about the technical aspects of buffalo nickels printed out!


thanks guys hope to see you on here soon!


i hope one day we can meet AND JUST spend the day talkingf about coins and also good eats! and lots of them!


si9ncerely michael

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