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Top Five US Coins for Investment

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They always say hind sight is 20/20...had I invested in Branch Mint (S&O) Barber Dimes in the range of VF-XF in 1983, I would have fourbled the value invested by now...but I didn't, instead, we went to Disney World and had a great time! You can't buy memories.

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in no particular order of importance


1---1794 halfdime xf-au


2---20th century very choice to superb gem brilliant proof,

strong cameo+ liberty eagles


3--- small planchet, fully centered, full weight and strike,

pine tree shillings xf/au


4--- 1793 wreath cents pre-1996 older holdered coins fine to xf with average+ color and surfaces and never dipped, waxed, cleaned, lacquered, oiled, brushed and with all the crud and detritus in and around the lettering and devices


5--- morgan dollars superb gem proof with strong+ cameo and super deep mirrors

and fully struck over miss liberties ear and with medium deep original cased

set toning


6--- okie one more for good measure 1870-cc seated dollar

vf to au totally original uncleaned examples

that are really close to fully struck they dont need to be 100% struck

but no really weak strikes either

as they usually dont come that way and also with no edge bumps

rare in great eye appealing original condition never dipped or cleaned etc.

and with all the above positive qualities first date and demonination coin struck

at the carson city mint in nevada


oh and this--Posts are based on experience and are opinion only.

Experiences and opinions of others may differ.





with a b and c


a----- pcgs/ngc cac cant hurt


b-------- and whatever the recommended specific grade range is


c--------- choice for whatever the grade and surfaces

with original color

and great eye appeal

and all coins need to have the "LOOK"



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Thank you for your ideas and input...


There is a lot of complementary info here from collectors who specialize in different areas. Not just financial. but for beauty & history. I'll study the pricing history provided by NGC. Colonials never even crossed my mind.


I'm setting aside my Dansco series collections for my grandson. I'll purchase some unique items, where monthly budget permits. Personally, I'm not thrilled about toning. Show me the BU, Cameo & Ultra's.





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Late to the party but my 2c


Collect U.S. coins because they have history.


If I were investing on speculation to make money I would be buying high grade Chinese coins.

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In an interview, Mr. Salzburg recommended Colonial currency of higher grade, etc.. I asked Scott Lindquist about that or one of the other experts in the field and they said there is a lot of that out there still ungraded:


"MR: What other coins should investors know more about?


"MS: Now that you have me thinking, I’ll reveal a potentially amazing growth area to you: Colonial Currency. These notes helped finance the Revolutionary War. Their historical importance is tremendous. This area is clearly undervalued, one that if properly presented to new collectors or investors could embark them on a serious road buying these fascinating numismatic antiques. Unfortunately there are only a handful of dealers in this area now.


"Here’s an interesting story. I was talking to a manager of a multi-billion dollar hedge fund. He asked me, “What do you think I should buy?” I tell him to buy Colonial Currency and give him my reasons. He asks me how much they cost. I tell him from $100 or so to several thousand dollars each. He asks me how he can pick up $5-10 million worth of them. Clearly, I had no helpful answer for him but it’s an insight to the potential of this area and so many others in numismatics."


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fugio, new jersey, massachusetts, vermont landscape coppers are an excellent choice


combining great circulating history of the american colonies


as long as you get non porous/corroded surfaces and not dark or flawed surfaces and good coloration with good to great eye appeal


many out there to choose from just make sure you choose a good one with at least the above parameters and these are scarce with all the above parameters but can be found at larger shows if you look


lots of value and opportunity with a fundamential reason to rise in demand



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