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Out with 2013 and in with 2014

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Checking in on 2013's goals.


So as we get ready to watch the ball drop on 2013, I wanted to go back and see how I did on my 2013 goals.


1. Crack the top 1500 sets. (Ranked 1356) Yaaaa!

2. Finish my Lincoln Cent collection. (With the exception of 1955 DDO) Yaaaaa!!

3. Finish my Ike collection. (65% complete)

4. Get to 33% completion on my Morgan collection. (16% complete. Halfway to that goal)

5. Keep Kennedy, Sacagawea and Presidential Dollar collections up to date. (Complete) Yaaaa!!

6. Finish my Commemorative Half collection. (81% Complete but gaining steam)

7. Extend my Commemorative Dollar collection. Any percentage of completion is fine. (Did not add to this collection)

8. Attend at least one major Baltimore show. (I went to the Summer Whitman Show) Yaaa!

9. Save up money to attend the 2014 January FUN show. (Will not happen unfortunately)

10. Start a Silver American Eagle Set. (Added two Eagles, one of which is no longer part of the set....) Yaaa!


So, in all I completed 5 out of 10 of my goals. Not too bad, considering I was out of work longer than I expected after the move. On the last day of the year, here is my list of goals for 2014.


1. Make reservations to attend the 2015 FUN Convention.

2. Finish my Commemorative Half Dollar collection.

3. Finish my Ike Dollar collection.

4. Add at least 7 coins to each set of Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, Commemorative Dollars and Silver Eagles.

5. Attend ANA Worlds Fair of Money in August.

6. Participate in a live auction.

7. Take Lincoln and Jefferson proof sets to 50% completion.

8. Find a Maryland coin club.

9. Start a Buffalo Nickel Short Set.

10. Complete a 20th Type Set Coin folder for my 2 year old niece.



Lots of coins to collect there. I worry about the Chicago trip. I have never had a good experience flying into Chicago. Most of what I have seen of the airport has been at a full sprint from flight delays.


Happy collecting and Happy New Year everyone. I hope your year is full of good health and small round metal.





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2013 saw a lot of activity. Added to many collections and had two very easy selling transactions with Yonico. Thanks Yonico.


In 2014, I hope to make one major show and many small ones. Hopefully I'll pick up some quality coins rather than just filling holes. Maybe I'll see some of you at the shows.


Happy New Year everyone.

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Fortunately, for the ANA show, the Donald E. Stephen Convention Center is only blocks from O'Hare. While the show is in Chicago for the next two years, I'll be doing my best to make it. I only live just over two hours from there. Once it leaves Chicago, it may be a long time before I can make it again.


Of course since I live in the north the FUN show is high on my bucket list for things to do. I'll play that one by ear. After I retire we'll make it for sure but I hope to go before then. At any rate I always have a good time at any major show. All the best.


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2013 went by smooth and without a hitch. I hope 2014 goes as well and will enjoy reading all the exciting journals posted throughout the year ahead.


Happy Coin Collecting

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**Edited to fix your thread. Sorry to have screwed up the width.






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I had never heard of the first goal you listed. It took a few minutes to figure out how to find how to rank all sets, but I figured it out. Looks like I am number 1000 out of all sets, and 934 out of US Sets.

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For 2014 I would like to keep my Eisenhower Dollars at the #1 spot for at least one more year. It was quite the challenge just getting there in 2013 but the right coins became available when I had the funds. I would like to get at least 2 more upgrades for that set, while at the same time work on my ten year run of #1 mint sets. In the years 1971-1981 I have 6 sets at #1, 2 sets at #2, 1 set at #3 and 1 set at #5. I may have to add some PGCS coins 'cause I just can't find the coins in NGC holders. Good luck to everyone this year....MAILMAN

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Sounds like 2013 was an eventful year for you Marcus, and for many of us here on the Registry. My 2013 was certainly no exception. Following a parting of the ways between myself and a dealer I patronized for many years, I went through something of a limbo for a while. It ended up being very good for me in the end though. First off, my girlfriend and I found a new coin shop, one that is 1000 times better than the one we used to go to. The quality and selection of the coins offered at our new shop is nothing short of amazing, and both of our collections have grown in leaps and bounds due to this new relationship with a new dealer. Secondly, and also very important, is that I've finally made the leap and decided to get out of actively collecting US coins entirely. I realized that I was collecting them out of a sense that I should collect the coins from the country I live in, not out of any real enjoyment or appreciation of the coins themselves. I also realized that I can appreciate America without appreciating its coins, and I certainly do appreciate America as the country I live in. Also, my girlfriend enjoys US coins greatly, so when I get those occasional thoughts of wanting to see some nice American coins, I can go enjoy her wonderful American coin collection. It's much better this way :)


So here's my plan for 2014-


1. Keep working within my areas of specialty and enjoyment numismatically ( these are my Ottoman Empire, German, Polish, Dutch and Chilean collections and my Custom Sets)


2. Sell off my US Collection and put the funds I gain from the sales into my main sets to make them even better.


3. And finally-try to catch up on my grading before going too crazy acquiring more coins. In selling off my US collection, I may actually have a chance at doing this!


In closing, I'd like to wish everyone on the Registry and their families a Happy and Wonderful New Year and I hope that we can all move even farther towards our goals in 2014!

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Hi Texan's, I also live in Maryland.


Here is the website for the Maryland Numismatic Association ( you can join this assoc. for cheap--like $10 or $15 a year and you'll get the monthly publication in the mail.)


The website also lists all of the different Member Clubs here in Maryland ( and maybe some others from our mid-atlantic region).


Hope this gets you well on your way to achieving one of your 2014 goals...

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