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FSH; D Carr overstrikes; various; & ebay store

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225 ebay fixed price items cheaper here, and new stuff all the time

link below

thanks for looking!


And some other items;

Daniel Carr "P" mint Kennedy Overstrilkes. Just over issue price, these were produced in early 2013, and have long since sold out. These are all the "High Grade" production pieces. Take the four remaining for $275 MAKE AN OFFER ON THESE

1963, 90% ( 3 available) SOLD

1975, Bicentennial rev, clad (2 available) $80 Now $75 (issue price)

1975, Bicentennial rev, 40% ( 1 available) $80 Now $75

1975, Regular rev , clad (1 available) $80 Now $75

Shipping and regular PP included.


Recent Newps;


11 coin Warnick Set in clean Capital plastic and box. Choice to Very Choice BU, mostly brilliant, a couple with subtle pastel, and 4 or 5 with Full Steps. $97 SOLD

1877 Seated Half VF25, nice medium grey with lighter devices. (On ebay) $87

1858 O Seated half VF35 nice light grey. (on ebay) $87

1832 CBH AU55 highly lustrous, with colorful obv, reverse looks PL. (on ebay) $355 SOLD

1936 P Quarter brilliant MS64.(on ebay) $30 SOLD

1934 P Quarter creamy white MS64.(on ebay) $30

1935 S Quarter MS62 amber & metallic blue at the obv rims. (on ebay) $95

1940 P Quarter MS63 mostly brilliant, a bit hazy gold.(on ebay) $30 SOLD

1875 S 20 cent piece F12/15, natural light silvery white with a little circ "stuff", no problems. (on ebay) $145

1949 P Franklin MS63 FBL brilliant.(on ebay) $40

1913 P TI Buff MS 63 creamy, hint of gold.(on ebay) $45

1837 RE Half G4 remarkably problem free for the grade, looks great, light grey with lighter devices.(on ebay) $60 SOLD

1940 S Quarter mostly brilliant MS64, a bit of tone at obv rims.(on ebay) $37

1943 P Quarter MS64, brilliant, hint of tone.(on ebay) $15 SOLD

1932 P Quarter MS62, mostly brilliant, small colorful crescent on rev.(on ebay) $25 SOLD

1917 S TI SLQ VG10/F12, nice light grey problem free.(on ebay) $75

1950 D Franklin MS64 FBL looks brilliant with a pale olive/tan hint.(on ebay) $40

1938 D Buff MS64 lustrous with faint pastel overtones. $28

1853 AR Seated Q VF30, excellent smooth looking "circ cameo", no problems. (on ebay) $60

1951 D Franklin MS64 FBL brilliant.(on ebay) $47 SOLD

1831 Capped Bust Dime F18/15, natural med grey. (on ebay) $50

1854 Arrows Seated Q AU53/55, creamy white with nice luster. (on ebay) $250

1826 CBH, O116A, VF35 nice original light grey, bit of blue at obv rim, looks nice, short lamination on rev. $95 SOLD

1834 CBH VF30, natural medium grey, appears to have a just miss rim clip @ 8:00, with a corresponding rim weakness @ 2:00.(on ebay) $95 SOLD

1883 NC Lib, looks 64, but light wipe, barely discernible, hint of gold.(on ebay) $25 SOLD

1938 D Buff MS63, nickel silvery grey with a touch of orangey amber, well struck.(on ebay) $25


And, just graded;


1947 S Washington PCGS MS 67 $300; From a roll, I have 3 or 4 I call MS66, and nearly as nice as this one $50; MS65s $30

1959 D Franklin PCGS MS 65 FBL $120; From a roll, 2 or 3 more in this grade (raw) $60

1872 Seated Dollar PCGS XF 45 ( really an AU) $675

1798 Bust Dollar PCGS VF details, cleaned. High end VF with color. $2400. Back today, this looks VF35, and NOT obviously cleaned.

1936 Wisconsin PCGS MS 63 mostly white $220



Still have these also, good for registry sets

Jefferson Nickel; 1942 P Type I PCGS MS65FS nice for the grade $125

Barber Quarter; 1907 D FS 301, raw, VF30/35 cleaned looks OK $125


I thought the Jeff should have gone 66, but with a 10X price bump, I guess not

I can submit the Barber for you (price would bump $50). Only 2 graded so far? This will grade VF details, Cleaned.

Please PM for pics.

BTW, the Barber is pictured in My Ebay, link below


BU Franklin set, complete, in Dansco. A very nice set, all brilliant, with only the '49S showing some colorful rim tone. All are Choice BU and better, with perhaps 4 grading MS 62, and about 12 are FBL. Many exceptionally nice Frankies in here. I guarantee you will love the set. $750

BU Roosie set , no '63D, Choice to Very Choice BU in Whitman album. All brilliant $175

BU Roosie set , no '63PD or '64PD Choice to Very Choice BU in Library of coins album. All brilliant, touch of gold on many. $165 SOLD

BU & PR SBA set in Dansco, no '81S PRF TY2 or '99 coins, includes Type 2 1979 S Proof $65

*SOLD*NEARLY COMPLETE LINCOLN SET (through 1958). Missing just the '09S VDB, '09S, '14S, '22Plain, '31S. '14 D is VG, others, '09 through '33 nice circs with several BU; '09 VDB 63 RB, '09P 64 mostly red, '11P 60 dipped, '17 P 62RD, '19 P 62RB, '20 P 63 mostly red, '26 P 62RB mostly red, '28P 64RD, '30P 64RD, '30S 60RD, '32D 64RD, '33 P 62 RB mostly red, '33 D 64RD. Everything from 1934 through 1958 is flashy Very Choice BU, with just a couple with some brown. Also has the 7 varieties of 1982 in BU. In a new Dansco ( through 2007, with proof only issues). Super nice set that I've been playing with for a few months. $1000... will also include a BU '95 DDO, and 50-70 BU Memorials up to the present. I guarantee you will love this set.



PM for pics or with offers.

Thanks for looking, Mark




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