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6 hours on the bourse floor and not a coin bought

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Today I got to spend the day at The Money Show of the Southwest held in Houston, TX and it was great!


I'm rolling up on two years as a coin collector and had not, until today, had the opportunity to spend considerable time at a show. I arrived a bit before opening at 10 o'clock and with the opening bell I found my way to the NGC table and made a submission of 10 coins including this set I picked up from Kryptonitecomics:




After leaving NGC I start walking the aisles and happened upon the Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. tables. I mentioned to the fellow behind the counter that some very nice comments had been posted online about them, and a gentleman beside me said, "Oh, on NGC". "Yes", I said. Thus, I met "Hard Times".


I'll tell you all that a solid ten minute conversation with an advanced knowledgeable collector such as I had with Hard Times was a boon to a novice. Two points of advise received: 1) ALWAYS buy the BEST coin you can 2) NEVER SETLLE for a coin you'll be unhappy with.


Thanks Hard Times!


Resuming the bourse course I venture up and down and back and forth the aisles - in all honesty it was a bit overwhelming.




I have not settled down to one series and I started here at NGC with Moderns, I do find myself attracted to Classic coinage and am venturing down the typeset road with a raw album set. I think this is where it may lead with the TPG coins.


At 1:15 I went to check out the HA auction and sat through 45 minutes of Morgans passing the block - $2,600, $1,200, $5,800 - and so it went. I'm perhaps somewhat bummed now because those were some great coins and I keep thinking, "all I keep buying is c r a p". I might mention here I did also meet Mark Feld. I found Mark quite affable and more than generous with his time and can now certainly understand how he has achieved his stellar reputation.


From the auction and back to the bourse I figure I may find a coin to fill a slot or two in the Dansco (specifically I was checking out 1917 Type I SLQs and Shield Nickels with Rays). Found a couple decent coins, but Hard Times advice kept scrolling through my brain and none of the coins I saw were the ones "talking" to me.


I didn't buy a single coin today.


I did buy only one thing and it cost me less than parking. I leave you here with it now. Thanks for reading.







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That's a colorful Bicentennial set. I'm glad that you had fun and that you got to meet some board members. I hope to travel to a major show someday soon and do the same thing. Keep learning and take your time in finding the 'right' coins. Nice write up btw.

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No harm in not pulling the trigger on a purchase. It is a bit depressing when you own coins that resemble your pocket change when you're at an auction where monster after monster gets hammered for rich man money.


What I'd say is learn, learn and learn some more. Buy a few OUTSTANDING coins for what they are because the day will come where you'll decide what you want to do with the hobby and if it's different from what you own, you'll still be able to sell your holdings, likely at a premium.


I've bought a few spectacular coins this year I know little about, the profits from them fuels the "keepers" .

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Sounds like you had a very interesting and educational experience! Hope you learned a lot - and I hope it will help you refocus your collection. HT sounds like he gave you some really good advice.

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I have gone to many shows and just talked to any dealer that had some time, and alway had a great time. Small shows are the best for gathering info.

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