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Results of my 2010 silver proof set posted by wmfielding

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more than made up for my last dime submission


Hello my Fellow collectors.

Although it a rainy day here in West Virginia, The sun was shining on my coin collection. I sent in my last Silver proof set to be graded a couple weeks back it was a 2010 set and the results were very pleasing. I jumped from slot 403 in the registry to 395 with a small 14 coin set. the results for each coin are.

Silver dime PF 70 UC

Lincoln cent PF 69 UC

Jefferson nickel PF 70 UC

Silver Kennedy Half PF 69 UC

Sacagawea Dollar PF 70 UC

Silver Hot Springs PF 69 UC

Silver Yosemite PF 70 UC

Silver mount Hood PF 70 UC

Silver Grand Canyon PF 70 UC

Silver Yellowstone PF 70 UC

Fillmore Dollar PF 69 UC

Pierce Dollar PF 68 UC

Buchanan Dollar PF 68 UC

Lincoln Dollar PF 69 UC


7 Out of 14 PF70UC in my mind is a fantastic feat for A small time collector like myself. That's why I wrote this Journal to brag a little.

Happy Collecting And May God Bless....Mike


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Yup 50% PF70s is about average result , I see these grades as a mixed bag for an experienced , top 10% expert NGC registry collector such as Michael.


I checked this 2010 set, to start, if you simply added up all the pops for all 14 coins you will see that 35% are PF69s and 65% are PF70s. Note : less than 1% of submissions fall below the PF69 grade.


Generally, this statistically validates Mr Wells above statement , ie of 100 modern proof coins submitted to NGC only 65 will garner a PF70 grade so not a given to snag a PF70.


Michael had good results (got the PF70) on 1- the Jefferson Nickel where only 25% are PF70 , 2- the Sac Dollar where 25% are PF70 and 3-Yellowstone where 22% are PF70. These are WINS for Michael.


The other PF70s all represent between 56% and 67% of the total pops so chances were good on getting a 70 and these outcomes I would statistically classify as "EXPECTED"


On the downside almost 60% of the Kennedys are 70s, and 65% of the Silver Hot Springs are 70s so those PF69 outcomes not as good. These I would call "LOSSES"


Getting 68s also not a good result as way less than even half of 1% are below 69s. These also "LOSSES"


So again, looking at the full submission, certainly an interesting +,- result, and about average statistically I would guess.


For me the key would be comparing the total cost of submission vs the value of the PF70s vs the PF69s. If submission is $14 per coin *14 = $ 196 plus postage/insurance , I would compare that cost to the difference in market price and see if I gained ( but that is just me, I know Michael values the registry points just as much).


Well...enough stats for today .


Cheers !!






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If you factor in how many coins were not even sent in because of obvious problems it makes the PF70 even rarer. Lately I have some multiples of certain coins and there are differences between PF70UCs all from the same coin and year. I like to pick through and pick my favorite.


Great breakdown Rich! :banana:

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