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Minor change in direction posted by Yankeejose

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Led to a nice trade with 6 Mile Rick


When I first started collecting certified coins I started with modern proofs and MS66 wheat cents. Of course modern coins can have different meanings to different collectors. For me it means 1965 to current- basically the end of the silver coin era. Others may define moderns as post 1934 or after 1946/7 with the end of the Mercury/Walker series. Anyway as time has gone on it dawned on me that to keep current with my proof sets I would be looking at buying 14 certified coins a year for just the clads, plus another 7 to add the silvers! Buying that many coins would use up way too much of my coin budget, mainly because I wanted to keep working on my other pre-1965 sets plus my more traditional raw sets like Large Cents, Indian Head Cents and Seated Liberty dimes. So I relooked at my future collecting strategy and decided that I would not continue with the proof quarters, Kennedy halves and Sacagawea dollars. That leaves just 8 coins instead of 21 each year- the proof Lincoln cents, nickels, clad and silver dimes and Presidential dollars. Part of the decision was easy, I stuck with the most complete better grade sets that I already had.

So of course the first person I thought of was Mr. Trade himself- Six Mile Rick. I looked for what he may need and what he had to trade. We consummated a deal very quickly- 3 70s for 3 70's. I gave him 3 PF 70 2008 quarters for 2 70 Nickels and a 70 dime. A great trade for both of us!

On a side note, one of the coins I received from Rick was a PCGS 2001 70 clad dime. The PCGS price guide says the FMV of this coin is $225! Since I did not want to cheat Rick I watched a sale on EBay for the same grade PCGS coin. It sold for 23 dollars with shipping. I know a price guide is just a guide but really? By the way NumisMedia has this coin priced at 33.75.

Thanks for reading and best of luck to you in this great hobby of ours! Dave


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The trade was a very good and fair one. First off when I am offered PCGS coins I use the NGC price guide so I got the dime at the NGC numismatic value. I just got in the 2004 and 2007 PF70UC sets and waiting for a state quarter set - PF70UC to show next week. Since I get plenty of sales and trades off my page 2 other members have asked and sent their coins to me to sell for them. The e-bay fees have them putting coins up at such high prices to cover costs that they aren't selling. I can offer them at 20% off or better with my only cost being shipping.


And of course ------- I LOVE TO TRADE!!! :)



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