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Making Some Changes by Iowa Silver Baron Bammer

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yes I have some for sale, I will also place this in the Forum.


Hi All,


First off, I want to clarify my last journal, I was not by any means raising a fuss or anything. I just thought it was a point that needs to remind us all who collect some of the modern coins.


I think everyone here knows I enjoy western theme coins, and coins from the western mints and also currency. So I am cutting down on some of the modern coins and putting them up for sale. What I decided on is to not do the silver state quarters (even though they are minted in San Francisco). I am doing the ATB quarters, as my brother and I have both been to some.


As to the Sac dollars, I am keeping the 2001S proof, and the proofs from 2009 on. I do like the Sacs from 2009 on, I appreciate the different design on the reverse. I have the 2010 and 2011, if anyone has an extra 2009 or 2012 or 2013 in PF70 UC and would want to trade for one of my pre 2009 Sacs, I would be agreeable.


Here is want I am keeping. The only non silver/gold coins I am doing sets of are the Buffalo Nickel and Canadian Beaver proof nickels. I love both designs, and the Canadian design is a viable western theme, as the beaver fur trade was an important part of the early west. Also, I might start doing a few Indian Head cents.


Otherwise everything else I collect will be either silver or gold from a western mint. Also I am starting to look for a the $10 Legal Tender Bison note and the $5 Chief silver certificate. Also, I will be having a few commem dollars that I like and the same from Canada and Mexico.


Ok, since this one is a little longer, I will make my for sale entry separate, and I will put it in the Forum in the proper place.



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Of the sets you are keeping I have some Modern Commemorative coins in the sets that I sell out of year round. Check my page and let me know if any interest you. We may find a coin or two to trade with.



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