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Sac Dollars by Iowa Silver Baron Bammer

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No picture for this entry, just some numbers to prove my point in my previous entry.


2003S Proof Sac has went from $137.50 down to $51.25

2000S Proof Sac has went from $225 to $93.75

2006S Proof Sac has went from $125 to $52.50

2005S Proof Sac has went from $93.75 to $50

2002S Proof Sac has went from $87.50 to $56.25


I have 2 others just purchased in the last year to year and a half, they have not dropped as much as the ones listed above.


These are all PF70UC, and all the figures are from Numismedia.


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I would bet there are very few, if any, US minted coinage that has generated less interest than the Sac Dollar. I think the SBA Dollar generates more interest. I have some of those that are in rolls that I would have had to give away to get rid of them.




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I still need 05, 08, 09, 10, and 12. I would say that most modern proofs will drop in value. I have been adding to my sets this summer with $20 or so bids on Sacs. There are plenty of Kennedy collectors so those are keeping value and the pennies are few for bid sale on the bay.

Paradise Mint and CRC-1 have many 5c, 10c, 25c and $1 PF70UC coins and they are up for highest bid on the bay. They raise their bids so if you are bid out at say $17 for a silver dime it will usually show up for next week and you will win it @ $17.50. It's a good way to add to any Proof set at less than grading fees. :)



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Good points Rick- also when the 70 coins first come out for each new year people bid them up to prices a lot higher than they will sell for 6-9 months later. I am assuming they want to get them right away to keep their number one ranking or move up higher on the #1 list. I got a set of 4 2013 proof pres. dollars for 54 shipped. They had been selling over 80 earlier in the year. I refuse to pay anywhere near Numismedia list on any very modern 70's (1999 to current).


Rick is right about the Kennedy's though- even 2-3 years later the 70's are still going for 30-40 dollars plus. Most of the 70 cents seem to hold in the 35-60 range as there are not as many up for auction, or there may just not be as many graded 70.


As for the SAC's I agree with Rick, I don't think they are as popular as the other denominations so there is not as high a demand to keep the buying prices up to the original Numismedia prices. The classic is the 2001 in PF69UC. That used to be a 90 dollar coin, now it is down to 27.50 in Numismedia. PCGS price guide still thinks it is an 80 dollar coin! That coin will be remembered as the modern day 1950 D nickel. Both coins that people overpaid for when they thought it was a current rarity and then turned out to go a lot cheaper down the road.

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I try to get the very best deal on the newest 70's. I purchased all my presidential dollars and Sacs at insanely low prices. I had no plans to collect any of those but when they are all $15 each you can't stop yourself. $15 for 70s really I said and then I bought them.


Some people are blinded by that #1 spot when there will be 300 people with a #1 set someday, it isn't something to brag about. Like the Westward Journey nickel set, weee I paid $35 for all 4 nickels. pocket change.


Just wait until you see THAT one coin you REALLY want and you will find yourself paying whatever it takes to get it, throw the FMV away. :banana:

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