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On-line form

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I had a very frustrating time today trying to enter an order for coins to be sent in for grading. After screwing around with it for about a half hour I lost my patience and quit. Here's the scenario:


I have 11 coins that I want to send in, so I filled in the first page and started filling in coin number 6 on the second page when I started to wonder if I had entered the mint mark for coin number 2. So, before I went any further, I went back to page 1. Yup, I had missed it, so I entered the mintmark and pressed the option to enter more coins. I started entering coin number 6 when I realized the form was telling me it was coin number 11. No matter how I tried, I couldn't get it to tell me it was number 6. mad.gif


So, I gave up, refreshed things, and went back to the start. After entering page 1 (again) no matter what I did I could no longer enter any more coins - If I selected the option to enter more coins or I selected the option to enter shipping info I was taken to the same place to enter my name, address, etc. shocked.gif


I messed with this a number of different ways and could never get beyond entering 5 coins. So, the coins I was going to take to the post office today for submission and grading by NGC now sit at home for a week while I go abroad on business. tongue.gif


Guys, an on-line form isn't rocket science. I know you've had database problems today because of the ASP errors I was receiving earlier, but really don't think this is related as I've seen this in the past but was always able to eventually get by it. Can someone please look into this? confused.gif

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